Our Testimonials


I just wanted to write an email to thank you for all the great promotional products and embroidery you have done for Spooner and me personally. 

I also have a really cool story to share with you. As you know, I had the Ohio BWC safety expo a couple of weeks ago. The items I bought from you were a hit, especially the clips! At the end of the show as things were winding down and I was getting ready to pack up, a lady came up to my booth with her friend. She was so excited to find our booth! She was almost in a panic. She asked me if I had any more hand sanitizers. She then grabbed a Spooner branded hand sanitizer out of her purse and showed it to me and her friend. She told me she loves them and her friends are envious. I told her that I had some back at the office and I would make sure to get some out to here ASAP.

I had one of the sales people stop by her office with the hand sanitizers you made for me a while back. She is going to allow us to provide her company with a quote for workers’ comp. She asked for the name of the company that got us those cool hand sanitizers. I passed that info along to them. 

Thanks again for being a great friend, vendor, and client!!

– Andy Lembach, SHRM-CP384585image1
Chief Marketing Officer

Spooner Incorporated